Why Blue Dragonfly?

Blue Dragonfly horses are the type of horses JoJo has seen in many various sports over the last 40 years—from international driving teams to fox hunting to slogging through the Alaskan bush with guests and paraphernalia strapped on the their backs.

Our type of horse has shown the ability, quickness, athleticism, strength, and heartiness to excel in a wide variety of sports, but it’s their kindness that makes them such willing and good-minded partners.

Kindness, being the most important trait in JoJo’s experience, is why Blue Dragonfly.

Why the name?

The person who sat on the sidelines of JoJo’s life is the reason. JoJo’s mom, Stella Tate Clements, was her champion. She came from a hard start in what’s known as Appalachia. She survived losing her mother, fought polio alone, and made a life as a registered nurse. She and JoJo’s father were JoJo’s support, although it was up to JoJo to get where she was going. Her favorite insect was dragonflies, although she and JoJo grew up calling them Dragon Doctors. So when we were thinking of our name, a blue dragon doctor flew by and we became Blue Dragonfly Horses in her honor and her memory.

P.S. JoJo also has a tiny dragonfly scar on her right forearm.


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