Our Mares

Before establishing BDH, JoJo found a beautiful group of paint Saddlebred/Belgian mares in Iowa. These mares embodied the type she envisioned for her breeding program. She hooked up her stock trailer and off she went to Iowa to get the girls, who are now the maternal base of BDH.

These mares are kind, athletic, and tough, with good bone and movement. Beyond being great moms, they give their babies the traits BDH is looking for: kindness similar to Goliath, brightness to compliment Goliath, and color, all while staying close to our measurements aspirations.

As the years go by, JoJo’s original girls will eventually retire and we will continue to add new mommas that will keep BDH going down the trail of traits we like.

Five of our ladies are half-sisters. They are Saddlebred/Belgium cross originally from the green fields of Kentucky. All of these sisters are sorrel paints.

“These mares are kind, athletic, and tough, with good bone and movement.”

Our boss lady is Cate. She leads the others, sometimes off on little adventures. Cate usually presents us with a COB type foal.

Kit is generally second in command. She is sweet and mostly saucy. Kit has given us fillies that are also sweet, spicy athletes with wonderful feminine features.

Callie is a super sweet lady. She’s the quiet cement of our broodmare band. Callie is a producer of sporthorse-type littles.

Bubbles is happy to hang at the edges of the group. She’s our tallest mare and is a producer of a sporthorse-type little.

Twiggy is our shyest lady. She stays a bit on the edges of the group, but sneaks in quietly by an elbow, sniffing for her treat. She gives us smaller and more athletic foals that are always very kind.

Blue Dragonfly Horses, Montana

Sadie is a black and white paint, Drum mare. 2024 will be her first little. We are all very excited to welcome her little to the ranch.

Blue Dragonfly Horses, Montana

Like Sadie, Nifty is a black and white paint. Nifty is a thoroughbred, Percheron Cross. 2024 will be Nifty’s first season to be a momma in the BDH broodmare band.

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