Our Team

Jojo Clements-Colpo

Owner and Head Trainer

Jojo Clements-Colpo has had many years of experience in a wide array of equine areas. Jojo grew up on a farm in Virginia. Under the tutelage of her grandfather, she helped her grandfather’s breeding program and that was the start of Jojo’s love of our crossbred program.

Jojo’s life travels were always alongside equine partners. Her greatest equine love is competition driving, although she has been blessed to be involved in many other areas (foxhunting, jumping, dressage, cutting, ranch work, and many years packing with her husband’s outfitting business in Montana and Alaska, to name a few).

Blue Dragonfly is the culmination of a lifetime of thought, planning, heart, and an incredible amount of work. Jojo is our horse whisperer. She believes every horse is an individual and no one training path is the same, and it is our job to introduce our colts to the world in bite-sized pieces so they learn that work is a positive thing. Jojo loves BDH and believes in the horses we raise, and this is a project born out of love. She always says that if there stops being joy, love, and fun, we stop.

Jade Stephens

Jade grew up in McLeod, MT where her love for horses began at a very young age. Her family raises Friesian crosses which is where she learned a lot from her aunt and grandpa.

She then attended Northwest College in Powell, WY and got her Equine Riding & Training degree which she then followed up with a job at a cutting horse facility. When she returned home in 2019, she spent 4 years working for Lazy J Bar O Outfitting before joining the Blue Dragonfly team.

Jade has always been dedicated to any program/job she has ever been a part of and this one is no different. She takes a great amount of pride in her work that she put into our horses. It’s a never-ending journey of learning with horses and our BDH horses make it very fun to continue learning with their easy-going to willing personalities, big hearts with tons of try and forgiveness, athleticism, and sound build.

She is greatly looking forward to our 2024 foal crop as it will be her first year starting from the very beginning of our 3-year program.

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